Termopan S8000 NL Plus

sys_nl_plusThe new frame system GEALAN NL plus combines the latest technology with the traditional profile requirements of the Denish market. Soft contours and narrow face widths lead to optical balance and graceful proportions. Technically remains with the new system GEALAN NL plus more no wish unfulfilled. Construction depth, Chamber formation and meaningful detail constructions meet all expectations concerning heat and sound insulation, statics and burglary prevention. Simultaneously exists a high compatibility with other GEALAN system families.

Avantajele sistemului S8000 NL plus

  • 74 mm Wing-construction depth
  • excellent heat insulation
  • balanced profile geometry with 6 mm
  • narrow face widths
  • Double profiled glass list possible
  • 115 mm framework-construction depth
  • four-Chamber-form
  • Special profiles for outwards rotating elements
  • steel with clearly improved moments of inertia
  • four-room wing profiles with very good static values
  • large elements are easily possible.